CakeKraft is centered around providing taste sensations and unique designs. Every artisan cake is baked to order and hand tailored to your dietary specifications. We make the absolute best: egg free cakes, dairy free cakes, soy free cakes, nut free cakes, refined sugar free cakes and gluten free cakes…and any combination thereof! And the best part is…..your guests will never know that they are not eating a “traditional” cake! They’re that good!

CakeKraft is based in West Chester, PA and currently supplies cakes, cupcakes, vegan and gluten free cakes, cookies and treats to the greater Philadelphia area. This includes Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, New Jersey and Delaware. CakeKraft specializes in uniquely artistic wedding cakes; perfect if you are looking to set yourself apart from the crowd. Contact CakeKraft today to start planning the wedding cake that you’ve been dreaming about.

CakeKraft all natural traditional and alternative baking!

We at CakeKraft specialize in baking the best cakes and desserts that you’ve ever tasted. Over the years, Michelle Poole has perfected recipes for deliciously indulgent cakes and creamy frostings that will leave you wanting more. Just read what people are saying about our tasty products.

Every CakeKraft cake is tailored to bring an outstanding dessert experience to your table, regardless of the occasion. Michelle is proud to offer a selection of vegan and gluten free cakes and desserts to her customers. The scrumptious vegan cakes provide a healthy alternative not only for vegans but for anyone looking to cut down on fat and cholesterol.  All cakes are made fresh and delivered to your door for all of your special occasions.

At CakeKraft, we are committed to customer service, and will work closely with you to create your perfect cake. Thank you for your business!