Cakekraft Free Samples are on their way!

If you were lucky enough to have joined the Cakekraft Test Kitchen, you will be receiving some free samples over the next week or two.  I will be in the Philadelphia area next Wednesday and so will make some deliveries, and will also be sending out some packages in the mail.  Get ready for the goodies!


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Join the Cakekraft Test Kitchen Tasters today!

Recieve free Cakekraft baked goods by joining up with our Cakekraft Test Kitchen Tasters.  I am working on developing new and improved recipes and need a few more guinea pigs to help us eat up all of the recipe “results.”  Once I have a recipe that I like, I always deliver or mail out the goodies to my group of exclusive tasters, who are asked to provide feedback in order to further develop the recipe or call it a success.   These days, I have too many baked goods on my hands, and need a few more sweet-tooths to join in the feast.   If you are interested in joining this exclusive group of lucky recipients, please send me an email so that we can get you on the list, talk about your dietary requirements, and get you eating!


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